Plasticizing and Quick Setting Compound

Plasticizing and Quick Setting Compound
Plasticizing and Quick Setting Compound
Product Code : 05
Product Description
Plasticizing And Quick Setting Compound (ANTI HYDRO - A) is a highly effective accelerating cum water reducingplasticizer which accelerates the strength of the concrete or mortar at an early stage which is resulted in to multiple advantages. It is a highperformance and unique combination of selected organic polymers and inorganic component, completely free from chloride and provide substantial amount of water reduction with high early and ultimate strength even in cool and or under water condition.


  • Produce high early strength.
  • Improves durability by increasing density & lowering permeability.
  • Suitable for all types of pre — cast & pre — stressed concrete works where early release and reutilization of frame work is essential to economical and speedy production.
  • Possible to cast concrete in under water conditions.


  • All kind of cement concrete mixing in normal & cold weather for acceleration.
  • Suitable for use in pre—stressed structures pre—cast job like Block— Bricks, Cement Tiles, Manholes, Pipes & Electric Poles manufacturing units.
  • Emergency repairing where early strength development is essential like Railway bridges, Road culverts, public utility etc.
Mixing Method:

  • It is supplied in ready to use form and should be pre mixed with gouging water or added into the mixer with water. For best result, mix the concrete for into a mechanical mixer at least 3 - 5 minutes for homogenous and through mix.


  • Do not use ANTI HYDRO—A directly in to the dry mix.
  • Acceleration of strength achievement depends upon the type of cement, mix design and prevailing ambient temperature etc.
  • Hand mix should be avoided except for small quantity.
  • Optimum dosage should be determined by taking trial at site.
  • Over dosing should always be avoided.