Tile Joint Filler

Tile Joint Filler
Tile Joint Filler
Product Code : 06
Product Description

Tile Joint Filler is a fine grained polymer modified multi colour powder. It is ready to use free flowing, non-shrink cementious grout. It is combination of graded silicieous filters with specially developed technologically advanced expanding controlled plasticised polymer which makes it as a true non-shrink, free flowing grout. It provides a durable and perfect joints between base and tiles as well as seal the crack and voids of any structural defects.The expanding characteristics ensure perfect bonds on the both sides of the cracks.


  • Depend on the size of the tiles and width of the joint
  • Using 12”x12” tile having a joint width of 3mm, one pack of 500gms.
  • Tile Grout covers an area of 6 sq. ft.

Available Size
  • 500 gm
  • 1 kg